ARPANEL S MiWo wall sandwich panel


ARPANEL S MiWo wall sandwich panels, manufactured from inflammable mineral wool, are devoted for preparation of walls in various kinds of construction objects, with steel and reinforced concrete structures. The ARPANEL S MiWo wall sandwich panels are applied in industrial, commercial and public utility buildings, mainly in case of objects with high requirements regarding fire protection regulations and acoustic insulation parameters, with a simultaneous guarantee of high-quality thermal insulation of objects. They are composed of two pieces of cladding prepared from steel sheets, and a core manufactured from inflammable slats, stone mineral wool. Such a structure also enable quick and simple horizontal or vertical assembly. Regardless to existing weather conditions. Regarding its fire protection characteristics, acoustic insulation, and no negative environmental impact, the ARPANEL sandwich panels with the mineral wool core meet the highest European standards.


Parameters of the ARPANEL S MiWo wall sandwich panels, offered by ARPANEL:


Thickness [mm] 80  100  120  150  180  200  220
Module width [mm] 1000  1100 1150
Length [mm] 2000 – 14500
Standard colors of claddings [RAL] 5010   7016   7035   9002   9010   9006   9007
Fastening systems of panels to the structure (lock) standard
Panel type wall


Fastening system.

A fastening system of the ARPANEL S MiWo wall sandwich panels, offered by ARPANEL:



Possible profiles of the ARPANEL S MiWo wall sandwich panels, offered by ARPANEL:

Linear profiles

Linear profiles

micro-line 8

micro-line 8

micro-line 14

micro-line 14


ARPANEL sandwich panels are perfectly-suited for:


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The following sandwich panels are available on ARPANEL offer:
labyrinth connection
labyrinth connection
a standard fastening system
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