ARPANEL SU PIR wall sandwich panel – a hidden fastening system


The ARPANEL SU wall sandwich panel with the polyisocyanurate foam core (PIR) with a hidden fastening system is characterized with elevated fire protection parameters, i.e. greater fire resistance when compared with the PUR core, what improves the level of fire safety. It is also characterized with perfect insulation, thermal and acoustic qualities, and a low heat transfer coefficient, what allows to reduce the heating costs. The ARPANEL sandwich panel with a hidden fastening system may be applied in vertical or horizontal arrangement. Fastening of the sandwich panel to the structure takes place through connectors screwed inside the lock, what provides an effect of a smooth facade with no visible connectors. A properly profiled lock renders the ARPANEL sandwich panels completely proof against infiltration by air, steam and rain. The main application of a wall panel is erection of external and partition walls in case of industrial halls, warehouses, logistic centers, commercial objects, office and sport buildings.


Parameters of the ARPANEL SU PIR wall sandwich panels, offered by ARPANEL:

Thickness [mm] 60  80  100 120
Module width [mm] 1000
Length [mm] 2000 – 18500
Standard colors of claddings [RAL] 5010   7016   7035   9002   9010   9006   9007
Fastening systems of panels to the structure
Panel type
Fastening system.

A fastening system of the ARPANEL SU PIR wall sandwich panels, offered by ARPANEL:




Possible profiles of the ARPANEL SU PIR wall sandwich panels, offered by ARPANEL:



mikrolinia 8

micro-line 8

mikrolinia 14

micro-line 14


The following sandwich panels are available on ARPANEL offer:
labyrinth connection
labyrinth connection
a standard fastening system
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