Sandwich panels

Thanks to very good thermal parameters, sandwich panels are mainly applied for erection of walls and roofs of cold stores and ice houses. ARPANEL sandwich panels ensure quick and safe installation, and at the same time they are economic, and they meet exploitation requirements that are often impossible to achieve at alternative project solutions.

Development of industry and competitions, as we as an increase in ecological requirements related to construction objects, requires the investors to apply the cutting-edge construction materials for realization of their investments. That is why, the ARPANEL sandwich panels are characterized with the highest level of quality, they are prepared from galvanized steel claddings coated with an organic layer, e.g. Polyester, the task of which is to achieve a proper level of stiffness and bearing capacity, and additionally to protect the insulation core. Parameters of the steel claddings are properly adjusted to requirements of the design every time, and the wide array of colors allows to obtain an extraordinary character of the facade.

The ARPANEL offer covers not only the sandwich panels. Adamietz is also an expert in complex realization of industrial objects. Our capital group embraces among others, a factory of cold-formed profiles (including flashing works) and of steel structures. Thanks to the strategy of offering complex solutions for industrial construction sector, adopted at the very beginning of our operation, we are ready to offer a sandwich panel with proper accessories. We assume that while offering a complex construction system, our customer obtain all elements of the housing necessary to prepare walls and roofs in a moderns and tight manner.

The experienced ARPANEL team is focused on realization of investment tasks, where apart from economics and energetic efficiency, also Style, Quality and Function matters – what was already experienced by numerous investors using our company’s offer.

The following sandwich panels are available on ARPANEL offer:
labyrinth connection
labyrinth connection
a standard fastening system
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