ARPANEL PIR sandwich panel

Our experiences prove that it is increasingly more frequent that apart from strict requirements related to thermal insulation of walls and roofs, the partitions also need to comply with stricter fire protection regulations. In such situations, we offer ARPANEL sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate foam (PIR).

The ARPANEL sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate foam core (PIR) are insulation panels with a chemically modified polyurethane core, which while preserving proper mechanical and thermal-insulation qualities, is also characterized with a greater fire resistance level.

The PIR core, while combining the most significant features of light development systems with perfect technical parameters, is able to meet the strictest requirements put forward for the modern industrial objects in Europe. Quick and simple installation of the ARPANEL PIR sandwich panels, complemented with a wide selection of technical details, corresponds to the latest market trends.

The following sandwich panels are available on ARPANEL offer:
labyrinth connection
labyrinth connection
a standard fastening system
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