The Z, C and other profiles are cold-formed, most often applied for construction of steel halls structures. The profiles manufactured by ADAMIETZ are characterized with low weight and high stiffness and structural resistance, thanks to which the resulting structures erected with those elements are very light. The profiles are manufactured from steel sheets, S350GD and S390GD type, according to the PN-EN 10326 standard. The zinc coating applied on sheets for cold-formed profiles manufactured by Adamietz corresponds to the Z275 class [g/m2] (total thickness of the coating) according to PN-EN 10326:2006. The cold-formed profiles prepared from those sheets should be applied inside objects, in environment with corrosion category of C1 or C2, according to PN-EN ISO 12944-2: 2001.

Connections of the profiles are carried out mainly with bolts. Ø 14 openings are devoted for connections of the profiles. There is also a possibility to apply longitudinal openings (so-called beans) along the cross-section axis, 14×28 mm. The table provides minimal distances between the openings. It is possible to prepare non-standard openings after arrangement.

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