Sheet flashings, to the length of 12 [m], according to individual workshop drawings.

We perform typical flashing works and more complicated products on the basis of the customers’ drawings (housings, guttering systems, coffers, etc.), including also elements that require soldering, tapping and powder coating or spray painting.
We provide full realization of the projects, from arrangement of requirements for technical conditions, and if there is such a need, we prepare a prototype, a trial series before realization of the product’s final version.

Perfect quality of raw materials:

In order to obtain a high level of resistance against corrosion, the core is covered with a zinc coat. The zinc-coating, 275 g per 1 m2 of the steel surface area, complies with requirements of adequate standards.
In places of cuts, penetrations or scratches, the zinc influences the steel in presence of humidity, creating – as a result of an electrochemical reaction – a layer protecting against corrosion. Additional protection is posed by anti-corrosion coatings, applied in layers. The last, organic layer that covers the surface of out sheet, decides about aesthetics of the prepared roofing or facade, its durability and resistance to weather conditions. Upon the customers’ request, our products may be delivered in various versions of organic coating, as polyester, PVDF. We also propose steel with special coatings, Colocoat HPS 200 and Colorcoat Prisma with 25-year Confidex guarantee.

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