Sandwich panels.
Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels


Sandwich panels are prefabricated elements composed of two pieces of cladding made from steel sheet (internal and external) and a structural and insulation core, located between them. The panel’s core guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation, and that prepared from mineral wool additionally provides a high level of protection against influence of fire. Metal claddings protected against corrosion provide the panel with significant mechanical resistance.

Wall and roof sandwich panels in metal claddings are construction materials applied in the erection systems of industrial, commercial, large-volume, office, sport, agricultural, public utility buildings as well as sandwich panels halls and warehouses, and for construction of partition walls, ceilings and partitions in various kinds of objects.

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Complexity is a basic feature required on the market, while creating modern industrial objects. The customers, while valuing their time, are willing the offer of companies realizing such undertakings to be broad and flexible, providing them with a wide array of solutions and experts that carry those tasks out.

We offer fully professional methods for prefabrication of steel structures, Z, C profiles and others, we perform typical flashing works and more complicated products on the basis of the customers’ drawings (housings, guttering systems, coffers, etc.), including also elements that require soldering, tapping and powder coating or spray painting.

We provide full realization of the projects, from arrangement of requirements for technical conditions, and if there is such a need, we prepare a prototype, a trial series before realization of the product’s final version.

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