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We are very pleased to announce that our ARPANEL sandwich panels are available with BIM technology❗

🏗️🏢BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is the process of creating, managing and sharing a virtual three-dimensional model of a building or infrastructure that integrates geometric, technical and logistical information, enabling effective management of the entire project lifecycle, from design through construction to operation.

With the integration of BIM technology, our ARPANEL sandwich panels are now even easier to integrate into the design and construction processes. 📐🖥️

This is a huge step into the future of construction, enabling more efficient, precise and sustainable designs. 🌍🏗️

Feel free to download our BIM objects available on the Bimobject platform

Zachęcamy do pobrania naszych obiektów BIM dostępnych na platformie Bimobject