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Builder Super Power 2022 🥇

Marcin Sobisiak, ARPANEL’s Sales and Marketing Director, is a man full of passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. He gives his team positive energy every day. His leadership skills are a great asset, and he mobilises his colleagues with the power of his character and energy for them to pursue self-realisation and development, when forming a skilled and competent Team ARPANEL. Marcin is an ambitious man, who always displays his professionalism in everything he takes up. He can successfully handle everything he encounters thanks to his composure and vast experience. He is an energetic, reliable man with many talents. He loves challenges that give him a spur to take action and explore new realities. He moves with the times and inspires others to act.   😊💪🏻

We are extremely pleased to announce that Marcin Sobisiak, thanks to his extensive professional achievements and experience, has been awarded the prestigious BUILDER SUPER POWER 2022 title in the Marketing category. This award is given to directors, managers and teams who exhibit strength and values that have a direct impact on the development of a company in the construction industry.   🥇

Congratulations! We are proud to be part of Team ARPANEL and to work with people whose achievements and reputation are recognised by renowned institutions, clients and business partners  ❗👏🏼


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