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Silesia Equestrian competition in Jakubowice🏇🏻

The Silesia Equestrian competition returned to Jakubowice after a 4-year hiatus, and the entire event was held in grand style. More than 360 pairs from 12 countries, including representatives of equestrian powerhouses such as Germany and Belgium, showed up at the start line. Both top riders from Central Europe, more “exotic flags” such as Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and Australia and almost the entire Polish elite showed up. We are proud to have contributed to the return of the largest equestrian event in the Opole region. 🐴

We cheered the contestants on in all the competitions, but one of them was special to us, as it was covered by our sponsorship in the form of a grand prize. On Saturday, July 8, the Silver Round Speed Final competition for the ARPANEL prize was held at the Jakubowice arena. Forty-two pairs appeared at the starting line, whose task was to complete a horse jumping course with an obstacle height of 140 cm. This proved to be a spectacular event at a solid sporting level. Multiple Polish Champion Jaroslaw Skrzyczyński rose to the occasion – who, with his mare Lou Lou MPSZ, was the only one to overcome the 60-second barrier and won the competition by a substantial margin. 🏆🏇🏻🥇

The competition lasted until Sunday and attracted a large crowd of fans to Jakubowice, which we are extremely pleased about. KS ADAMIETZ coach Krzysztof Gozdek and Barbara Adamietz also participated in the equestrian competition. We sincerely congratulate you and wish you further, galloping successes❗️🐴👏


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